What is this site about? 

This site is a reincarnation of my old site "StreamIt - Fireman Sam" which I created to share different language dubs of the Fireman Sam "Set For Action" and "Alien Alert" movie, as these are all blocked on YouTube. I wanted to share those in a more nice looking way instead of just a Google Drive Link, so here we are. The site has been rebuilt completly and also uses a new (and nicer looking) system. Not everything is perfect yet. If you find any bugs/inconsistencies, don't hesitate to contact me!
The new site will now also provide Thomas and Friends episodes and movies in different languages.

Who are you?

My name is Timo alias TV Pro 9061 on YouTube. I one day got in to Fireman Sam again (my childhood series) and soon started contributing to the Fireman Sam dubbing community. I now have also gotten into Thomas and Friends again.

Do I need an account to watch anything and how much does it cost?

No, you don't need an account to watch anything. All the content can be watched without registration, and it's 100% FREE! I'm not trying to make money in any way, I just want to share what I have with people.

xxx is missing, can you add it?

Depends on what it is. Basically is not all you find here necessarily from me. A lot of Fireman Sam movies where found by me and ripped from either TV, Streaming sites or DVDs, but some stuff was simply found online. Therefore I cannot necessarily add everything you're looking for, as it might simply not be available. Also remember that there a lot of lost dubs, never to be seen again. If you have anything you want to add which isn't on the site yet, you can shoot me an E-Mail at info@yayeet.org or via the contact form linked at the bottom of the site. But please remember, that the site is currently Fireman Sam and Thomas and Friends only!